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April 30, 2017

Good morning my world connections.

carol Mathebula here.



For many years I have dedicated my life to the discovery and innovation of Afro wellness, my journey began in South Africa, in 1997 at the age of 26. My god time flies.  


As a child I was always fascinated by the fact that I never had an African education that was written down or presented to me as my stepping stone to my real self, as an African or black person, my identity and the right to  self Discovery.


this was very hard for me because every day I was bombarded with the distorted social ideology, that every culture but mine was better in this world. So you could imagine how this ideology rips you off your identity and self-worth.


 So, I did my best to re- write my values and set clear principles by shifting my Focus to discover more about African Wisdom, heritage and knowledge, and my god I found so much Richness in my culture, it brought me so much honour and respect in My life and the journey my life had begun.


so I chose the subject health and emotions as my health was not strong from the beginning of my life and my Iife had full of sadness and emotion as a child…


today I decided to share my journey into the discovery of the Vunkuwa African massage.  


As the world knows, I was very much inspired by my heritage. Things that I have learnt in the backyard of my home as a child from my great-grandmother and great-grandfather. The two of them were very intelligent and amazing. My great-grandmother knew a lot about the body-mind a soul and she was very informed about the world.




 The reason that she's blind I had to walk her every day to the shop to the toilet and every where she wanted to be I had to be there with her. Now, this was the most special, amazing and rewarding moments of my life.


she gave me my pride and myself identity by saying you are you are you are, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Because she was blind I had to be her eyes and she was my voice and the window to my future. Her melody was very soothing to my body mind and soul. She told me that if I needed anything to cure my body I should always look to nature, and for my emotions, I should always forgive to lighten my soul and I should discover more about my heritage and Honour the African continent, for self 

refreshment which is what i did and still do today.

As I mentioned earlier Vunkuwa was inspired by my great mum and Grandpa.


both of them taught me a lot.


great  Grandpa taught me about medicinal plants and he was very good at his work, he had lots of people caming to him for healing. Every morning and late afternoon I will go with him to harvest medicine plants.


by the way  both my great  Grandpa and great  Grandmother were very peaceful human beings. The only sad thing is I did not have enough time with them on this earth as my  Great-grandpa died when I was about 13 years old and my Great grand-mum at the age 15 years.


what has made the genealogy of Vunkuwa Afro wellness so strong is because of my great Grandpa and my great-grand Mother. I'm just an African Girl child and woman-.

 Honouring  all her ancestor's knowledge and wisdom.


I think it's really high time that we as Africans we look back into the pride, wisdom,  heritage and knowledge of the African continent. this will better our lives.


please share with us your proudest moment off your  African or black heritage stories from childhood and adulthood. let's keep Africa vibrant and active......








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