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Pillow fighting can serve as a seriously fun and playful way to release pent-up anger or stress. Aside from the physical stress-release, that pillow fighting inspires, it will likely have you doubling over in laughter as well. Known to be one of the most effective stress-busting therapies, laughter increases your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates major organs, and seriously increases the endorphin flow from your brain. Throw in the major calorie burn that can come from swinging those goose-down cushions around and the question really becomes, why not pillow fight? It’s the ultimate work out for all ages!

Choose your weapon



Some decorative pillows have zippers, which is an absolute no-no in the world of pillow fighting.


If you don’t sleep with a pillow you will have to go out and buy one, just for pillow fighting. Otherwise, ask someone who sleeps on more than one pillow you to one.

While most pillows are stitched well enough to hold up through a pillow fight if you are truly worried about ruining your expensive brand new pillow, why not hang onto your that are too soft and lumpy to comfortably sleep on?


These pillows are perfect for pillow fighting and are a great way to recycle those old pillows you were just going to throw in the trash anyway.


The bottom line: If you can whack someone with it, without causing pain or injury, then it is a suitable pillow for pillow fighting.



Pillow Fights old bed pillows and Rules


As with any worthwhile sports game, setting some ground rules is essential. I know what you are thinking…

Rules? Who needs rules for a pillow fight?


While I am not suggesting that you sit down and dictate a full-on rulebook for a simple pillow fight, you do want to ensure that no one ends up smothering each other. Setting a few basic guidelines will keep everyone safe and having fun.

1. No Smothering: Death by pillow fight. While it is interesting news headline, it’s not something you want to have happened to you.

3. Your battleground: Choose where you have your pillow fight carefully. With all that swinging and jumping around, it’s easy to break something.


4. Don’t make a mess: You may have seen in movies how pillow fighting will often lead to a mess of feathers falling through the air. Fortunately, modern pillows are stitched incredibly well and a blow out is rare. That said, if a pillow does burst, it’s time to stop. After all, someone has to clean up that mess.


5. Who Wins: In order to avoid arguments post-fight, figure out how you will determine the winner before you begin. You could instigate a point-system such as two points for every time your partner hits the ground or one point every time your partner cries out for mercy.


6. Play Nice: The final rule is also the most important. Pillow fighting is just a game. If the game turns nasty, it’s time to stop.


Tired of simply beating each other senseless with pillows? Why not add a challenge by competing in the following pillow fighting games:


Exactly as it sounds. First one to fall to the floor loses. Similar to the Royal Rumble in wrestling, if you are thrown from the ring… you’re out!


If there are only two pillow fighters you can set yourself up on your couch. Both fighters start at either ends of the couch and attempt to knock each other to the floor using only their pillows.

If you have more people involved, a bed really is the only way to go. Each pillow fighter takes a position, evenly spaced, around the bed. Again, all fighters attempt to knock each other off the bed until a single winner remains.


 the first person to drop their pillow is the loser. If more than one person is fighting, each person who drops their pillow is eliminated until there is only one person left holding their pillow.


Holding, pulling or knocking your opponents' pillow with your free hand will result in disqualification.


An added twist on this pillow fight is to make it so that you cannot touch your own pillow with your free hand. This added twist will make readjusting your grip on your pillow much more difficult. To win this game you will need to start the fight with a firm and comfortable grip on your pillow.


so what are waiting for?

come and join us and have lots and lots of fun