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“Let food be the medicine & let medicine be the food

We've chosen  favourite dishes for the whole family and friends .  

to enjoy together 

Food, desserts and beverage Boutique area

chicken, fish and meat Lovers

The food that we eat each day has a powerful effect on our health, eating high quality fresh foods in the right quantity & combination with the right balance of essential nutrients will enable you to see truly dramatic positive changes in your body, your general health, your skin & even your mental clarity…great nutrition offers the body the opportunity to rest, repair & heal itself



Vegan diets can provide more fibre and antioxidants, plus a higher potassium intake. Plants contain nearly no cholesterol, so they can lower your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and decrease blood pressure.


A plant-based diet can even work out easier on the wallet! Choose from juice detox, alkaline, raw, macrobiotic or an Ayurvedic diet, and you will soon discover the benefits of healthy living. After a relaxing break indulging in delicious and nutritious food. You will return home having learnt how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the nutrition workshops.

african traditional food

Extraordinary African Dining Experience at GOLD

We want to break down cultural barriers," "When you're unfamiliar with a culture, you can be overwhelmed. But food can break down barriers because people are willing to try something different." We believe this concept of African Traditional food must be shared among all food lovers internationally. It does not need to be a secret. So come along and experience a unique African cuisine. at VIBRANTLY AFRICAN LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS,

 juice and smoothie bar

vibrantly  Smoothie  is a fully equipped juice and smoothie bar 

With your well being in mind, we maintain an innovative routine in offering the most natural and delicious smoothies available. . . With all of these delicious options, we guarantee your mouth will water. But don’t take our word for it. Allow your taste spike for  the judge! join as to experience the magic.

light meals

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